Beginning of the Temporale, Missal of Borso d'Este: Feast of the First Sunday in Advent

Temporale. A breviary text divides the liturgical year into two parts, the Proper of Time, or Temporale, and the Proper of Saints, or Sanctorale. The Temporale comprises the calendar of movable feasts that are usally observed on Sundays, such as Easter, and begins with the First Sunday in Advent, represented here by a leaf from the Breviary of Borso d'Este.

The text for a typical feast day in the Llangattock Breviary usually begins with the devotions from 1st Vespers on the prior evening, then proceeeds with Matins with nine lessons, then ends with 2nd Vespers. For lesser feast days, however, the daily devotions are more limited, and may include only the first three lessons of Matins.

Note that the leaves of the breviary are described according to the feasts observed. The Content of the text is the best way to establish the unique identity of the leaf as well as determine its place in the manuscript as a whole. Shelfmarks and sale dates are important to the history or Context of each leaf, while layout and decoration are important to description of the leaf as a Carrier.  All three factors contribute to the identification of detached leaves, but the most important attributes for reconstruction are those that pertain to a precise description of the Content.